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I'm regularly asked to hold items until pre-orders arrive, to add more items to existing orders, or to hold delivery on multiple orders until it's worth sending (for overseas customers), so I'm going to try something new...

Collectors boxes

Buy your in-stock or pre-order items piece at a time, and once it reaches a point worth sending, I'll send them to you.

I've actually been doing this for a while, although I'll leave it up to you to decide if the above are real customers or not!

Want to start a collectors box?

Next time you order, use the discount code "COLLECTORSBOX" to knock off the postage and I'll automatically set one up for you.

Adding items to your box

Use discount code "COLLECTORSBOX" each time you order to remove postage cost, and I'll add the items into your box.

When will they be sent?

For UK customers, I'll send the box when it reaches the free postage amount (currently £50), or when you ask me to.

For International customers, I'll send the box when you ask me to, but you will need to cover postage. For large total orders (£500+), and within closer countries (Ireland, France, etc) I can sometimes cover postage - but ask first.

How will you remember what you've ordered?

Make sure you buy everything using the same account - you will then be able to see you're previous orders, including which have been sent or not.

Got questions?

Contact me and ask - I'm pretty friendly!



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