Hot Wheels & Matchbox Mainline

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A few ongoing notes about the price of mainlines on Modelmatic.

I very rarely buy mainline cases from suppliers - because they cost more wholesale than they cost in pound land.

When I do buy cases, I need to price the items higher than their RRP (£1.49 - £1.99) - if I didn't, I'd sell a quarter of the cases and be left with the pieces nobody wants.

I regularly buy sort after mainline models from collectors - these cost a bit more depending on the model, and so are sold for a bit more here.

Occasionally, some mainlines are really sort after. When this is the case I price them in between what I would usually price and resale values - to stop (hopefully) people just buying them all and stocking them on ebay.

In theory all mainlines should be found in pound shops and super markets across the country, but in reality collectors tend to grab many of the more popular items before others can.

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