The following is intended to give you an idea what you get for your money when buying diecast cars

Less than £1

The really, really, really cheap stuff. Mostly plastic, unidentifiable and almost disposable. Avoid. We don't actively stock this, but we occasionally end up with some as we buy products to test.

£1 - £2.50

Scales are dubious, underneaths plastic and paintwork patchy, but they're generally aimed at age 3+, so a lack of small protruding parts makes them safer. Brands to look for here are Realtoy, RMZ and Welly. There's nothing wrong with cars in this price bracket, but there's nothing special either. Perfect for filling out a playable collection - but get some nicer stuff too.

£2.50 - £5

Still contain some dubious scales, but the quality of the items is generally much better. Brands we stock include Hot Wheels and Schuco. Greenlight Collectibles Motor World Series also fall in this bracket - accurately scaled cheaper versions of their higher quality cars.

£5 - £7.50

Bridging the gap between collector items and toys, and aimed at collectors and older kids. Cars in this price bracket tend to be accurately scaled and well built with extra features like opening bonnets. Brands we stock are Greenlight Collectibles, M2 Machines, AutoWorld and Johnny Lightning.

Over £7.50

Now you're getting into proper collector territory.