Greenlight Collectibles "Green Machines"

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Greenlight Collectibles

Greenlight call their chase cars “Green Machines”. They’re found across their entire range, including their accessories and dioramas. They’re generally 2% of any production.

They can be identified by the inclusion of emerald-green metallic paint on the body, chassis, rims, interiors or tyres. Some Green Machines have a combination. I’ve also seen the addition of extra irregular features, such as blue metallic rims.

Here's some examples:

Greenlight Collectibles Muscle Series 8 - 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS "Green Machine", with metallic blue trims and metallic green chassis. (Someone didn't want this one, so I had it!)

Greenlight Collectibles Muscle Series 8 - 1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE "Green Machine", with metallic green chassis (you can't see it, but it is) and trims.

The regular, and chase version, of the Hobby Exclusive - 1977 Chevy G20 Van - City Fire Department Paramedic.

Muscle Shop Tools Series 7 - Road Work Accessory Pack regular and chase version.

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