Instructions - Doc Brown's Truck / Back to the Future (Custom)

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Below are instructions for creating the custom Doc Brown's Truck, once you receive the Greenlight 2019 Mail Delivery Vehicle and waterslide decals

Enclosed in your box will be the waterslide decals for the truck.

They’re tricky, but with care I managed it on my second attempt.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Cut a rectangle around the logo using either scissors or a craft knife. The paper is clear, so leaving an edge is fine - and the larger the edge, the easier it will probably be.
  2. Place the cut out decal paper in a bowl of water. It takes 20-30 seconds for the backing paper to start to come loose. Use your fingers to see if it will slide on the backing paper whilst in the water.
  3. Carefully remove the decal with the backing paper still underneath, but one of the edges loose. Place this edge on the truck and gently remove the rest of the backing paper as you put it in position. The decal is at its most fragile here (this is where I went wrong the first time).
  4. Gently slide the decal into position if not already, then softly dab with a tissue to remove excess water.
  5. Leave to dry. It’s recommended to leave overnight, but I found it was dry in much less time. Once it’s dried, repeat on the other side.

Once finished, take a photo and tag me on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or whatever else you use!

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