Easy to Use

ToyCarMag is extremely easy to use. Simply stretch the rubber bands around the wheels and voila!

ToyCarMag - How to use


  • £5.99

A clever little removable clip that turns your cars into magnets.

ToyCarMag is a clip-on magnet for Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other 1/64 scale cars! Just clip it onto your car and stick them to fridges, magnetic white boards, radiators and anything else metal.

Works with all the brands I stock (1:64), as well as 1:55 - 1:76 scales.

Each 10 pack includes:

  • 10 x ToyCarMag clips
  • 5 x 3mm Risers
  • 10 x 1mm risers
  • 10 x Replacement rubber bands

These are ace!

1:64 (but works with 1:55 - 1:76 scale too)

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