Japan Historics 2

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I've found some!

Click here to buy (while stocks last)

I'm afraid there's bad news..

Modelmatic will not have any Car Culture Japan Historics 2.

I'm so annoyed. In fact, I'm utterly pissed off (sorry kids).

I received an email from my supplier this week saying Mattel had cancelled all unfulfilled orders with them, due to being sold out.

I ordered mine with the supplier in Feb 2017!

After what happened with Japan Historics 1, I can't believe it's happened again, only worse!

But, I can't do anything about it.

I'm really sorry, but you will need to find this set elsewhere.

Because of what's happened here, I'm now not sure what to do with future Car Culture releases.

  • Do I continue with pre-orders?
  • Do I stop selling Car Culture altogether?
  • Do I buy less?

I've built up a number of customers who have been buying each release from this series since Japan Historics 1 / Euro Style, and now they're being let down. 

Would you order the next set, even though this has happened?

I REALLY would appreciate some feedback on this.

Again, I'm sorry about this. I only wish there was something I could have done to stop it happening, but there wasn't/isn't.

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