Deliveries during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Deliveries during Coronavirus Pandemic

Update - November 2020

I'm still posting orders out as soon as possible, but Royal Mail are very slow in some areas of the UK.

Update - 17th June 2020

It's the school summer holidays now - not that it makes a difference!

I'm still only working limited hours, Royal Mail are still delivering very slowly (a few parcels are taking 10 days to arrive) and International deliveries are a little slower getting out (my fault, not DPD who are on fire and delivering as quickly as usual).

Update - 26th May 2020

I'm still only able to work half days, and deliveries are slower than normal.

International deliveries are even slower, as I'm switching shipping company - but they will arrive.

Update - 24th April 2020

I've had quite a few emails and messages about deliveries taking much longer than usual - Royal Mail 48 is taking 4-5 days in some cases.

Update - 20th April 2020

I've caught up with all orders from the last three weeks, but I can't be at work every day (my wife is also working fulltime-ish), so will be sending out orders every couple of days. Thanks for your patience, and stay safe!

Update - 18th April 2020

I'm getting asked a lot about expected delivery times. I'm packing boxes as often as possible, and sending out in batches every few days - as an estimate, expect your orders to leave in 2-3 working days, and arrive in 4-5.

Update - 16th April 2020

I've started packing and sending orders out, however there is a backlog - so please bear with me. 

Update - 6th April 2020

Had to pop in to work today, and got some parcels packed and ready for the next collection day (Royal Mail are no longer collecting parcels, so I'm not sure when that will be). During this busy period I will be packing boxes ready to ship as and when, so may not always be able to combine orders.

Posted 31st March 2020

It's been a very strange couple of weeks.

I wanted to give you an update on what's going on at Modematic.

On Friday 27th March I took the decision to temporarily stop packing and sending orders. I did this following government advice to stay at home for non-essential reasons, and because I didn't want to add to the current strain on the Royal Mail.

I'm not sure when orders will start going out again, but I will be keeping up with the news, and kicking off as soon as it's safe, and makes sense, to do so.

In the meantime, I'm still...

  • accepting orders.
  • expecting a huge delivery from Greenlight.
  • adding new products as and when they arrive.

When orders do start going out I will have a backlog - please bear with me. Orders will be sent in order of when they were placed.

Thank you for your patience during these weird times.

Oh, and if you have pre-orders with me - don't worry! The current circumstances will not be the end of Modelmatic - sales have seriously cut down, but thankfully I have income from my web business too.

Stay Safe!



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